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RSE in Schools: PD with Anita Brown-Major from Cliterate

June 6th, 2024




1.5 Hours


6:00 PM


7:30 PM

About the Course

Join the Relationships, Sexuality and Education Project for this after-school professional development workshop with Anita Brown-Major from Cliterate and Thrive Rehab!

This is a free and online event. Can't make it? Don't panic! The event will be recorded. Please register so we can email you the event recording once it is available.

About Cliterate: Cliterate is an interactive anatomical model created to empower people to understand their own anatomy and the anatomy of others. Cliterate's spherical, pull-apart design accurately explains the relationship between the clitoris, vulva, and penis. Cliterate and its supporting educational resources was created to encourage respectful conversations between health practitioners, educators, clients and students. Cliterate is for everyone. They stand for accurate education, more conversations and overcoming the awkward. Resources should be accurate and based on the latest available research.

About the workshop: This workshop will cover a range of topics related to genital anatomy and pleasure. Anita will provide some education on the vulva and labia diversity, clitoris structure, and body physiology and neuropathways. Anita will also speak about body physiology's implications on consent. The webinar will be centred around the use of the Cliterate model as a practical and interactive tool to enable conversation and engagement. They will also cover general anatomy that is often presented incorrectly. There may be some interactive activities, so come prepared with some plasticine or paper you can draw on!  

About Anita Brown-Major: Anita Brown-Major (she/her) is an Occupational Therapist who is passionate about working alongside individuals using a client centred approach.  Anita, has worked as an occupational therapist since 1998. Her roles have been varied including extensive rehabilitation experience in amputee, pain managed, mental health and PTSD, however she has specialised in neurological (brain injury) rehabilitation since the early 2004. Anita founded Thrive Rehab in 2014 with a focus on training other therapists on how to include sexuality as part of their routine practice. Anita has completed extensive research into the importance of sexuality (not just sex, but also relationships, intimacy, and self-esteem) for people living with different abilities and bodies, ensuring a focus on quality of life. Anita loves public speaking and is dedicated to working with consumers, families, staff and other health care professionals to be the best versions of themselves. She strongly believes in the concepts of “nothing about me, without me” and insists on raising consumers voices to the forefront. 

About The RSE Project: Based at Curtin University, The RSE Project provides a range of professional development opportunities to Western Australian schools (K-12) in the area of relationships and sexuality education (RSE). Our training aligns with the Western Australian curriculum and is suitable for all school sectors. Our focus is on supporting teachers (both pre-service and in-service) to deliver RSE in schools. As we strongly advocate that schools embrace a whole-school approach to RSE, we are keen to also support school administrators, support staff, community health nurses and others who work in schools.

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Your Instructors

Anita Brown-Major

Anita Brown-Major (she/her) is an occupational therapist who works with individuals to address their sexual health needs. Anita has completed
extensive research in the field of disability and sexuality throughout her 25-year career.

Anita Brown-Major

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