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On demand through Verve OT

Responding to Sexualised Behaviours

On demand




1.5 Hours



About the Course

Join us with Verve OT for this one-and a half hour on demand workshop that aims to empower occupational therapists with the knowledge and confidence needed to broach the topic of sexuality with their clients who may have multi-faceted behavioural, communication, sensory, and/or learning needs.

Topics covered:

• Importance of talking about sex and sexuality with young people

• Initiating conversations about sex with young people with communication needs

• Modelling respectful and healthy language

• Promoting protective behaviours

• Respecting body autonomy

• Responding to sexualised behaviours

• Common sex education difficulties and suggestion to enhance learning

• Providing resources and referral options

This workshop is suitable for teachers, educators, carers and caregivers of people with complex needs.

Price: $85 (inclusive of GST) per person

Your Instructors

Lucy Macdonald

Lucy Macdonald (she/her) is a qualified Occupational Therapist and Sexologist (Master’s degree in Psychosexual Therapy) who specialises in sexuality and intimacy intervention and support. For her entire career she has worked in the disability sector and has completed an extensive amount of research into disability and sexuality. She provides advanced training to other therapists, support workers, and caregivers, working in this space to ensure others are addressing sexuality as an important aspect of care for clients with disability.

Lucy Macdonald

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