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OT Sexuality Articles

Are you interested in becoming apart of a community of OT's that share knowledge and experience in the area of sexuality? To join our special interest group visit OTSI (Occupational Therapists for Sexuality and Intimacy).

Bringing sexuality out of the closet: what can we learn from Occupational therapists who successful addressed the area of sexuality in everyday practice.

Australian Occupational Therapy Journal. Volume 68, Issue 3 · Jun 2021
(Thrive Rehab director Anita Brown-Major was interviewed for this article)

Why Has So Little Progress Been Made in the Practice of Occupational Therapy in Relation to Sexuality?

American Journal of Occupational Therapy. Volume 70, Issue 1 · 2016

Proposing a new sexual health model of practice for disability teams: the Recognition Model 

International Journal of Therapy and Rehabilitation. Volume 17, Issue 6 · Sep 2013

Development of the occupational performance inventory of sexuality and intimacy (OPISI): Phase One

The Open Journal of Occupational Therapy. Volume 8, Issue 2 · 2020

Applying an occupational lens to thinking about and addressing sexuality

Sexuality and Disability. Volume 37 · 2019

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