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Neurodivergent Resources

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Neurodivergent Affirming OT Practice

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Reframing Autism

An Autistic led non-for-profit organisation aiming to transform the lives of Autistic people and those who care about them by changing the frame through which society views Autism.

The Neurodivergent Friendly Workbook of DBT Skills
by Sonny Jane Wise - Neurodivergent educator, consultant and advocate @livedexperience educator.

Yellow Ladybugs

An Autistic led organisation dedicated to supporting neurodivergent girls and gender diverse individuals.

Neurodivergence in the LGBTQ+ Community Blog

Neurodiversity Media's Resource Library 

News, views, resources and information in different formats about neurodiversity in the workplace.

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The Awesome Autistic Guide for Trans Teens​ 

by Yenn Purkis and Sam Rose

With helpful explanations, tips and activities, plus examples of famous trans and gender divergent people on the autism spectrum, this user-friendly guide will help you to navigate the world as an awesome autistic trans teen.

Covering a huge range of topics including coming out, masking, different gender identities, changing your name, common issues trans and gender divergent people face and ways to help overcome them, building a sense of pride and much, much more, it will empower you to value yourself and thrive exactly as you are.

Unmasking Autism book cover

Unmasking Autism​ 

by Dr Devon Price

Devon Price is a social psychologist, professor and proud Autistic person. This book combines research, lived experience and practical exercises to support authenticity and embrace Autistic traits. “Unmasking Autism gifts its readers with the tools to uncover their true selves and build a new society – one where everyone can thrive on their own terms.”

The Autistic Trans Guide to Life book cover

The Autistic Trans Guide to Life

by Yenn Purkis and Dr Wenn Lawson 

Written by two leading Autistic trans activists), blending personal accounts with evidence-based insights and up-to-date information, and written from a perspective of empowerment and self-acceptance, the book promotes pride, strength and authenticity, covering topics including self-advocacy, mental health and camouflaging and masking as well as key moments in life such as coming out or transitioning socially and/or physically.

Late Bloomer book cover

Late Bloomer: How an Autism Diagnosis Changed My Life

by Clem Bastow (Autistic Screenwriter, Advocate and Researcher)

Taking Off the Mask book cover

Taking Off the Mask

by Clem Hannah Louise Belcher

Growing up autistic can often feel as though you have to become a chameleon in social situations, camouflaging yourself to fit in with a seemingly neurotypical world. Combining lived experience with scientific research and practical advice, this book is the essential guide to understanding why you mask and how to feel confident without one.

The Autism Friendly Cook Book book cover

The Autism-Friendly Cookbook

by Lydia Wilkins

The Autism-Friendly Cookbook was created by journalist Lydia Wilkins for autistic adults and teens to turn to when cooking for friends, lacking inspiration, or on those low-energy days. With recipes to suit any occasion, the book is written in clear, jargon-free language which makes 'the obvious' obvious.

To Listen - Podcasts

The Neurodivergent Woman Podcast

Monique Mitchelson (Neurodivergent Psychologist)

Dr Michelle Livock (Clinical Neuropsychologist)

Autistic Tidbits & Tangents

co-hosted by an Autistic psychologist and an Autistic teacher

Neuro Queering podcast

Discussions on neuronormativity, gender norms, sex and intimacy, pleasure, and creating more queer and neurodivergent spaces.


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