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Anatomical Models

Around the world there is a growing number (however still to few) of people creating realistic models of the vulva and clitoris - check out the below sites.

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Sex Ed+

SEX-ED + creates anatomically exact tools (based on human moulding) which represent the vast spectrum of genitalia (male, female, intersex, with voluntary or coerced surgeries, trans, etc. )

Anatomical Education

Doctor O’Connell and doctor Mulligan collaborated to produce this life-size, beautiful clitoris to hold and to be used for teaching. It clearly shows the glans, body, crura, and bulbs and measures 9x9cm.

Mona (Museum of Old and New Art)

Vulva models cast in soap.

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Print your own 3D clitoris

Instructions (Sex Ed+)

Files (Thingiverse: Bioscope)

Anatomical Plates of the Genital Organs, Université de Geneve

Anatomical charts of the F/M genitalia developed by Bioscope, HUG, DIP and Odile Fillod.

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Professor Helen O'Connell MD, International Clitoris Summit

clitoris .io

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